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     Pathways to Success

         Entrepreneurial Training Program for Male and    

         Female High School Students of Color

Curriculum Elements

Program & Participant Information

(Application Period for 2019 Cohort Is Now Open)


Students who complete an application (link at bottom of page) and are selected for the program, will be invited to attend the Orientation and Overview of the program on Saturday December 15, 2018 @ 10:00AM on the campus of West Los Angeles College, 9000 Overland Avenue, Culver City, CA 90230. 


Components, guidelines, expectations, requirements, and outcomes will be reviewed with participants and parents. The program is every Saturday from 10:00am till 1:00pm, except Spring Break.  Program Completion and Closing Ceremony date is June 1, 2019. Students will receive a stipend once they complete the program.


Continuing students in the See Your Future Mentoring Program and the Young Black Scholars Program are eligible for this program.  Most classes will be conducted on the campus of West Los Angeles College, while others will be conducted on the campus of LMU.


The program is open to both male and female students of color.


We will share networking and relationship-building for student participants, Chapter leaders, and program mentors.

Assess students’ career aspirations, goals, soft-skills, strengths, growth opportunities, and the program goals they would like to achieve. 


The Entrepreneurship Module includes the following topics:

                          Entrepreneurship and Small Business Defined

                          The Small Business Landscape: Highlights of Past & Present

                          Business Ideation

                          Market Research and Business Start-Up Risks

                          The Business Plan: From Ideation to Documentation


Start-Up Funding and Agencies for Small Businesses   A Day in the Life of a Shark


Essentials to Career Success: Soft-Skills Training.


Each of the following topics will also be taught to participants:

                          Empowered to Be Smart & Work Smart

                          Choices & Consequences

                          Hard-Skills vs. Soft-Skills: What’s the Difference?

                          You’re a VIP: Valuable Inter-Personal Effectiveness

                          PPS: Performance & People Skills

                          CIA: Career & Inside Advantages

                          Self-Assessment and Skills Development Goal Setting

                          ROI – Return on Investment

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