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Young Black Scholars


Supported and operated as an educational activity of the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc., Young Black Scholars is a comprehensive college preparatory program for African American and other minority high school students. The program brings together some of the best and brightest future leaders to participate in more than 30 workshops, programs, seminars, and conferences throughout the academic school year.


The workshops and one-on-one activities help scholars and parents prepare for college admissions, selection, and continued success.  Since 1986, YBS has assisted more than 21,000 students realize their dreams of attending college.


Throughout the Los Angeles area, over 170 high schools and 1,000 students, in grades nine through 12, are involved in YBS.


The impact of the program, however, extends far beyond these statistics. YBS gives intelligent, motivated youth several opportunities for success where before they may have had none. As these young leaders go to college and mature into responsible citizens, their success enhances their home communities as well as the very fabric of our social culture. Future generations become inspired by the academic triumphs of YBS participants, and a virtuous cycle of motivation and achievement ensues.

This is a program that truly lifts people up and instills hope for the individual, family, and community. Indeed, as YBS succeeds, so does our entire society.


What YBS Is

  • YBS is a college preparatory program for high school students.

  • YBS is a program of rigor and commitment.

  • YBS is a network of high school students who possess academic excellence.

  • YBS is a program that encourages learning, studying, and becoming optimal learners.

  • YBS is a great place to access services, resources, and assistance.

What YBS Is Not

  • YBS is not a school.

  • YBS is not a quick fix.

  • YBS is not a scholarship program.


YBS began as a solution to the 1983 California Post Secondary Education Commission (CPSEC) study, which indicated an alarming number of African American students who did not meet the University of California school system entrance requirements upon high school graduation.

The pilot phase of Young Black Scholars (1986-1990) targeted a group of promising 9th graders throughout Los Angeles. The program tracked these students and provided them with a series of academic workshops, enrichment activities, and support services to augment their preparation for college. Upon graduation from high school, more than 70% of the students met or exceeded national standards for college admissions.

Contact us to learn more about YBS and how you can get involved in this groundbreaking program.


To Apply for the Young Black Scholars Program please click this link



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