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MENTORING - School Based


We’re “piloting” a school based mentoring program to complement our community based mentoring effort.  Our Community Based program meets once 2 times a month at West Los Angeles College and once a month at the STENTORIANS (An Organization of Black Firefighters) Headquarters. Our School Based program meets twice a month on a school campus.  We have requests from several schools at each level - Elementary, Middle and High School - that we can’t fulfill because of capacity building needs.


Our expenses for this program include providing online training and in person training of mentors; background checks, liability insurance, food for mentees, training materials and educational materials for mentees; transportation costs and record keeping; administrative support and monitoring of program; research, documentation and assessment tools.  Member Brent Burton Chairs the Community Based Program and Member Ronald Goodall serves as Co-Chairman.  President Jewett Walker, CFO Kirk Williams, Secretary Harold Fike and Young 100 Chairman Richmond Briscoe manage the School Based Mentoring Program.


For more information click link here.

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