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Health & Wellness is a vital component of a thriving community. We design health and wellness programs that raise the consciousness of our Young Black Scholars and See Your Future Mentoring students on environmental issues as well as health issues; implementation of health education workshops and screening, and programs regarding violence prevention and conflict resolution. The 100 teams up with other non-profit organizations to promote preventative health strategies, deliver screenings and provide education on prevalent diseases.


Photos at left are from our Back to School Heath Fair held each August.  We are looking to resume this activity which has served over 1,000 students and parents.


This year we are seeking to team up with athletes and actors to promote the development of healthy living habits for students in grades K - 12 utililzing our book “Nutrition and Physical Activity the 100 Way”.  The book is currently out of print (but we have a very limited supply) and we are seeking funds to pay for republication.  It is available online from the University of Minnesota through the Google Digitizing Service.  Click the link below to explore it's contents.




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