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100 Black Men of Los Angeles Dress Code

If you don't like wearing suits, you will not be comfortable

in the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles.


If you are or want to be a member of the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc., It is expected that whenever we sponsor or co-sponsor a public event for parents and students for our Young Black Scholars Program, or our Mentoring Program, we are to dress in business attire including a tie.

If we invite potential members and volunteers to a reception or mixer, we are to wear business attire. Unless otherwise explicitly stated.

We do recognize that California is a relaxed, casual culture, but we are about the serious business of changing lives and changing the perception of the Black Male in our community and in our society.


If you go anywhere representing the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles in your capacity as an officer, board member, committee chairman, or member, you should be in business attire.  


And one final note, all our chapter meetings are business attire.  As stated in our Membership Standards: "We are to adhere to uniform business attire standards.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Kirk A. Williams, Sr.

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