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The YBS club is to consist of students who are interested in continuing the theme of academic excellence on their campuses.  The purpose of the Young Black Scholars Club is as follows:

  1. To complement other cultural awareness organizations on campus

  2. To meet the academic needs of YBS members

  3. To appreciate academic success

  4. To reward academic achievement

  5. To facilitate and promote peer learning, study groups, and networking

  6. To serve as role models and tutors for classmates

  7. To increase student accountability/ownership

  8. To be resourceful in achieving academic excellence by utilizing YBS resources

  9. To identify and recruit new participants

  10. To facilitate timely student communication with the YBS program




  1. Contact the Education Chairman or President of the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles to receive permission to host a club on your campus (

  2. Obtain permission from your school Principal or Administrator.

  3. Solicit a faculty/adult sponsor (contact the YBS office if assistance is needed).

  4. Solicit fellow YBS participants or interested members at your school.

  5. Complete and application to charter a club.

  6. Conduct your first meeting, where you will adopt the constitution, schedule meeting dates and elect officers.

  7. Submit all information to the YBS office.

  8. Maintain an active role on your campus!!




The following is an overview of possible activities for YBS Clubs and its members. Please use these suggestions to augment any activities you may have already planned. Don’t forget to forward your calendar of events to the YBS office.


Activity strands of YBS Clubs should be divided into 5 areas:

  1. College Preparatory

  2. Cultural Awareness

  3. Career Awareness

  4. Social Skills

  5. Community Projects



The following rules and guidelines must be adhered to at all times.


  1. No club can be chartered without prior permission from the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles

  2. All clubs must have an adult liaison.  The liaison can be a faculty member, staff member or a parent.

  3. Clubs must submit a semester calendar to the YBS office, as well as notify the YBS office of any activities, programs and fundraisers occurring (

  4. If the club travels, it must provide a disclaimer that states “this is a chartered club activity and not affiliated with the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc. or citywide YBS.”

  5. Clubs must provide to YBS a roster of all members including addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses (

  6. A list of Club Officers shall be submitted to the YBS office (

  7. Clubs are expected to adhere to all school policies and procedures.

  8. Club members are expected to maintain their membership in the YBS Program in good standing.

All YBS Clubs are required to submit (at minimum) a semester calendar of events to the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles (  If need be, the Education Committee Chairman or President of the 100 Black Men of L.A. can share ideas and help create the semester calendar.


Thank you for your efforts to host a YBS Club on your school campus! For more information about our Young Black Scholars Club please email

Venice High School YBS Club

For students on campuses where a YBS Club is already established

View Park Prep YBS Club

Bellflower High School YBS Club

ICEF Inlgewood MS YBS Club

Foshay Learning Academy YBS Club

University High School YBS Club

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