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In the end, some players may choose to avoid these initial sessions to make more VC using MyCareer activities instead. However, it's recommended to ensure that you don't miss numerous practice drills since certain of the exercises offered by the coach offer a 2x and 3x multiplier for badge points, so they are a good idea to take advantage of them.

The world of the Practice Facility begins to open after you've gained the possibility of choosing your own exercises. It usually happens after you've played ten MyCareer games without having to replicate. This is a critical action that you should not skip, particularly early in MyCareer because it will allow you to unlock badges as fast as you can.

When drills are freed and you're able to select the drills that give you the best opportunity to get badge upgrade points quickly. The NBA 2K22 practice Facility it is important to note that not all drills are created equal, and some are much easier than others. Here is a breakdown of the easiest drills to benefit from within the MyCareer Practice Facility.

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